Flynn Reef

  • Flynn Reef  location -16.734161, 146.273569
  • Access by boat
  • Depth Range 1-27 metres
  • Visibility 15 – 20 metres

Flynn Reef site appears on the radar of reef trips out of Cairns.  This smaller eastern location is significant on well-regarded dive sites.  With good visibility, impressive expanses of hard coral, wall dives, deep canyons for the experienced and shallows for others. This site is  60 km southeast of  Cairns.

Flynn Reef has a good amount of bommie swim-throughs, crevices, reef walls and overhangs.

Along the wall is terrific coral gardens with boulder coral heads, staghorn and table corals.

From the plateau of coral is a terraced slope that drops down ten metres to twenty metres.

Fish Life

Whitetip reef sharks frequent this reef, and lucky divers may also see grey reef sharks.  Batfish, Clownfish, Coral Trout, bassets, nudibranchs and octopuses also live on this reef location.

Within the staghorn thickets, be on the lookout for Trevally and Mackeral.

Along the slope of the reef, you can find staghorn thickets,  giant clams and fan corals.

More common marine life on this site includes lionfish, barracuda, moray eels and butterflyfish.

Flynn Reef

The popular dive site at Flynn Reef

Tracys, Little Tracys, Tennis Courts, Gordons Mooring, Coral Gardens and Ski slopes.

Silverswift offers day trips while Prodive operates liveaboard trips to this reef.