Silversonic Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef tours are the perfect choice for lovers of water activities.

Silversonic Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef tours visit one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders.

Begin your day at the Port Douglas Marina with a 7:30 am check-in and arrive back at Port Douglas at 4:30 pm at the end of your day.

Visitors travel onboard Silversonic’s state-of-the-art catamaran cruises at 32 knots for a comfortable, quick cruise to the Great Barrier Reef.

This tour spends five hours exploring three spectacular outer Great Barrier Reef locations.

Silversonic guests have access to the Great Barrier Reef straight off the boat.

Agincourt Ribbon Reefs offers fantastic coral reefs and an abundance of Great Barrier Reef animals.

This tour provides excellent conditions for snorkeling and introductory and certified scuba diving.

Certified divers can do three scuba dives with three Great Barrier Reef locations along the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.

First Great Barrier Reef location

First, certified divers and snorkellers gear up to explore this fantastic Reef location.

Once in the water, visitors are always amazed by the thousands of brightly coloured fish and coral.

Second Great Barrier Reef location

Next, Introductory divers get a fantastic opportunity to explore the Reef. At the same time, certified divers can do a second scuba dive.

Then guests enjoy a delicious lunch as the vessel cruises to the third Reef.

Third Great Barrier Reef location

Next,  certified divers can do a third dive, and introductory divers can do a second dive.

During your time at this Reef, there is time for more snorkelling.

After this, enjoy afternoon tea while cruising back to Port Douglas.

Quicksilver’s Reef Pontoon is another excellent Great Barrier Reef tour.

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