Sunlover Reef Cruises’ multi-activity Reef platform

Sunlover Reef Cruises takes you to Moore Reef, the perfect destination to experience all the outer reef offers. Visitors of all ages and abilities can view and interact with the Great Barrier Reef in many ways.   Moore Reef is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Snorkel in the naturally coral-fringed lagoon while trained lifeguards keep watch. Two snorkel platforms on the pontoon with water access via stairs provide easy entry to explore Moore Reef. An enclosed ocean pool is excellent for kids to swim in the saltwater at wading height, while a slide down the 30-metre spiral waterslide is a great way to enter the tropical ocean.

If you prefer to stay dry during your visit to the Pontoon, there are plenty of options to explore. A semi-submersible tour is a great way to tour Moore Reef without jumping in the water, while a glass-bottom boat tour provides views from above. Visit the underwater observatory to view the impressive natural fish tank from the pontoon with views of Moore Reef. You will be able to see plenty of coral and Great Barrier Reef animals and go scuba diving and snorkelling.

Next, visiting the touch tank gets you up close to marine life while learning about this unique ecosystem.

In addition to the included activities, the Moore Reef Pontoon has optional upgrades to explore the Great Barrier Reef. Add a guided snorkel tour to learn from the experts, while a Seawalker helmet dive is a unique way to see Moore Reef from below. If you are interested in scuba diving, there are options for introductory and certified scuba divers. A scenic helicopter flight takes you to view the entire Moore Reef coral reef system from above.


Q. What is Sunlover Reef Cruises?

A. Sunlover Reef Cruises is a renowned cruise operator in Australia that offers exciting reef experiences in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. They provide a range of cruises and activities to help you explore the natural wonders of this stunning marine ecosystem.

Q. What can I expect during a Sunlover Reef Cruise?

A. During a Sunlover Reef Cruise, you can expect a day filled with adventure and beauty. You’ll have the opportunity to snorkel or dive among vibrant coral reefs, encounter incredible marine life, and relax on a spacious vessel while soaking in the breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef.

Q. How can I book a Sunlover Reef Cruise?

A. Booking a Sunlover Reef Cruise is easy. You can start by clicking the book button on this website and following the simple steps to secure your spot for an unforgettable Great Barrier Reef Tour.

Q. Are there options for non-swimmers or those new to snorkelling?

A. Absolutely! Sunlover Reef Cruises caters to everyone, including non-swimmers and beginners. They offer activities like semi-submersible tours and underwater observatory experiences, allowing everyone to marvel at the incredible underwater world without getting wet.

Q. What safety measures are in place during the cruises?

A. Safety is a top priority on Sunlover Reef Cruises. They have experienced crew members who provide safety briefings and guidance. Life jackets and snorkelling equipment are also available, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Q. Can I bring my family on a Sunlover Reef Cruise?

A. Absolutely! Sunlover Reef Cruises are family-friendly. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to bond while exploring the Great Barrier Reef together. They even offer special packages for families, making it an affordable adventure for all.

Q. What makes Sunlover Reef Cruises stand out from other reef operators?

A. Sunlover Reef Cruises stands out for its commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer service, and a deep passion for preserving the Great Barrier Reef. They have received numerous awards and accolades for their efforts in providing the best Great Barrier Reef tours.

Q. Do they offer private charters for special occasions?

A. Yes, they do! If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, Sunlover Reef Cruises offers private charters that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event, they can make it memorable.


Moore Reef

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