Agincourt Reef

  • Agincourt Reef location 15°58’58.2″S 145°49’20.8″E
  • Depth of 0-35 metres
  • Visibility 20 – 25 metres
  • Access via boat or helicopter
  • Agincourt Reef is accessed via Port Douglas.

Along this Reef, there are swim-throughs, pinnacles, drifts and walls.

Agincourt is a famous reef that is suitable for scuba divers and snorkelers of all levels and includes 16 sites to explore.

Large reef clusters (bommies) have formed underwater canyons and tunnels.

Marine Life

See Maori wrasse, giant clams, clownfish, sea anemones, unicornfish, yellow-striped barracuda and turtles.   In the shallows of the Reef, you can also see  Lizardfish, parrotfish, damselfish and rays.

This site is a series of smaller reefs with at least sixteen sites to explore.


This site has exciting swim-throughs and caves.


Gardens have an exceptional abundance of brightly coloured fish.

Castle Rock

At the southern end of this Reef is the reef site Castle Rock. This site feature is a tall coral pinnacle that rises from a steep sand slope—offering both shallow and deep water diving.

This site is just around the corner from the continental shelf.

Blue Wonder

Blue Wonder offers a breathtaking wall dive to 40 metres.

Nursery Bommie

Nursery Bommie is a spectacular pinnacle

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