Silverswift Cairns to the Outer Barrier Reef.

Silverswift departs daily from Cairns.  This tour spends 5 hours on the outer barrier reef and visits three spectacular reef locations.

Guests can enjoy scuba diving for introductory and certified divers and unlimited snorkelling.

Silverswift Cairns departs Cairns at 8:30 a.m. and returns to Cairns at 4:30 p.m.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of nature’s most beautiful and unique places.  You will experience the best of it on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef tour.

Join our scuba diving and snorkelling tours on one of the world’s best Natural Wonders.

The friendly local crew has taken our guests to the Great Barrier Reef for over 30 years.

Snorkelling on Cairns Great Barrier Reef tour

Silverswift Cairns has access to stunning remote reef locations, including Milln, Flynn and Thetford Reefs.

You will visit three uniquely different sites that the captain will choose on the morning of departure.

With a guided snorkel tour during your day, you’ll get to explore the magic of the reef in complete safety.  Our friendly crew will help you use the snorkelling equipment if you’ve never snorkelled.

Next, to make the most of your day with Silverswift Cairns, join the guided snorkeling tour.

Your guide will lead you to the shallow coral gardens to learn more about the marine life around you.

Your marine interpreter will point out Great Barrier Reef animals, corals, and areas of interest along the way.

Scuba diving with Silverswift Cairns

We cater to both certified and introductory scuba divers.  As a certified diver, you can experience up to three dive sites.

Our scuba diving instructors accompany all dives at no extra charge.

They have vast local knowledge of all the locations and know all the best drift and dive walls, bommies and pinnacles, coral reef gardens, and swim-throughs.  Certified dives can last up to 40 minutes or more.

As an introductory diver

Silverswift Cairns instructors will be by your side throughout the whole experience.  On your way to the reef, you will fill out a medical questionnaire, and the crew will assess your medical fitness to dive.

The Silverswift Cairns crew will teach you the necessary skills, and once you’re comfortable, you can take the plunge!  All equipment, including wetsuits and prescription masks (if needed), is included in the introductory dive price.

Introductory divers can complete up to two dives, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.  You can reach a maximum depth of 12 metres.

Reef Locations


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