Pellowe Reef

  • Location  S 16° 51’25 E 146°20’81
  • Visibility 15-20 metres
  • Depth 5-30 metres
  • Size
  • Expertise: Novice to intermediate

Pellowe Reef is one of Cairns southern reefs close to Milln and Thetford Reefs.  This reef is located 35 nautical miles off the Cairns coast.

Pellowe Reef is a small isolated reef located close to the edge of the continental shelf.

Access to this reef is weather dependent and best.

For this reason, access to the reef is weather dependent and best visited on fine weather days. The reef drops away to 30 metres, making spectacular reef walls and swim-throughs.

Scuba divers will love the wall dives and

This reef offers divers an exciting wall dive and swim-throughs. The majority of the dives will be in depths between 5 to 30 metres. Being closer to the continental shelf increases the possibility of large pelagic fish species along with the more regular sightings of chevron barracuda and nudibranchs.

Pellowe Reef is southeast of Moore Reef.

Pellowe Reef

Dive SItes

Pellowe Reef sites include Cucumber Alley and Darth Vader.

Marine life


This site reef features Chevron Barracuda, Moray Eels, Bull Rays and Whitetip reef sharks.  Divers looking for small marine critters, there are plenty of nudibranchs.   Snorkellers will be delighted with the abundance of anemones.

There are also numerous sea cucumbers and giant trevally.


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