Great Barrier Reef facts the exciting and unique facts about the World’s largest living thing.

The warm tropical waters of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef provide a home to countless living things.

Visitors are delighted to find a labyrinth of stunning colours under the water.  There are caves, swim-throughs, bommies and coral Reef walls to explore.  This Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most fantastic treasures.  Join us and explore one of the seven natural wonders of the World.

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Great Barrier Reef facts home to 1500 species of fish

The Great Barrier Reef is home to 1,500 species of fish in more colours than anyone can believe.  Brightly coloured parrotfish, damselfish and Moorish idols are just a few of the beautiful fish that live on the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef facts 400 species of Coral

Four hundred species of coral live on the Great Barrier Reef and have been growing for two million years.  Colourful coral forms the external skeleton of the Great Barrier Reef in soft and hard corals of all shapes and sizes.

Corals are animals, colonies of organisms called polyps.

One-third of the World’s coral is on the Great Barrier Reef.

4,000 species of Molluscs

From tiny nudibranchs to the largest molluscs of them all, the giant calm can live for over 100 years.  The molluscs on the Great Barrier Reef include octopus, cuttlefish, nautilus, nudibranchs, chitons, clams and snails.

Sea Turtles

Six of the World’s seven sea turtles can be found on the Great Barrier Reef.  Sea Turtles travel thousands of kilometres to nest along the Great Barrier Reef.


Two hundred forty-two species of birds, including herons, ospreys, sea eagles and pelicans, live on the Great Barrier Reef.

More Great Barrier Reef facts

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef covers 344,4400 square kilometres

This is the World’s largest coral Reef, starting near Fraser Island and stretching to Papua New Guinea.

The Great Barrier Reef is bigger than Tasmania and Victoria combined.

Scuba divers will find world-famous pristine dive sites along our Great Barrier Reef.  Norman Reef’s finger site is spectacular and well worth visiting.  When looking for a dive expedition, head to the pristine Cod Hole and Osprey Reef 

The Great Barrier Reef is visible from Space.

Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef comprises 2,900 individual reefs, 600 continental islands and 300 coral sand cays.

The Great Barrier Reef is a marine park protected for our grandchildren and theirs.  The fantastic services of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park keep many endangered species safe.

Great Barrier Reef facts

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