Hastings Reef, Cairns Australia

  • Location 16° 31.673′ S / 145° 59.672′ E
  • Access boat
  • Depth 5 – 30 Metres
  • Visibility 15-28 metres

Hastings Reef covers around ten sq km and offers a unique example of coral and marine life. Its coral display supports hundreds of varieties of tropical fish, and visibility conditions are ideal for snorkelling and diving. One of the most popular in the northern marine park, it is 55 km northeast of Cairns.

This reef is shaped like a horseshoe with an average bottom depth of 13 metres.

Split Bommie

Also on Hastings Reef is Split Bommie.  This site is popular with beginner and experienced divers. This large bommie split into two round shapes host amazing fan corals where small fish and lobsters hide. A wide range of marine life abounds.

Marine life

At Hastings Reef includes Rabbitfish, Drummerfish, Clownfish, Coral Trout and Green Sea Turtles.  This site also has blacktip reef sharks and chocolate-dipped damselfish.

  • Dive and Snorkel sites
  • The Fish Bowl
  • Coral Gardens
  • 10:55
  • 10:66
  • Split Bommie
  • The Wildside

Hastings Reef is a green zone within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

For day trips, see Reef Experience, and for overnight liveaboard tours, see Reef Encounter.

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