Upolu Cay and Reef

  • Upolu Cay Location -Latitude 16.67209 Longitude 145.93348
  • Access: by boat and helicopter
  • Depth Range: 1-10 metres
  • Visibility: 8-20 metres
  • Size: 115.3 metres

Upolu Cay and Reef are located 30 kilometres northeast of Cairns.  This sand cay and reef are within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

This site is considered an inner reef location.

This site is famous for coral viewing. This 1,200 ha middle-shelf reef about 30 km out of Cairns offers a range of highlights on the western side’s sandy cay, but they improve toward the north-eastern section, and overall there is the moderate coral cover.

This site is genuinely picturesque for Boaties looking for a picnic location for a snorkel.

This area allows fishing and is popular on the weekends.

While you are in North Queensland, consider a helicopter flight with a  picnic lunch on a sand cay.

Marine life

Several small coral bommies are located in this sand cay’s shallow waters.    You can see giant clams, clownfish, and even whitetip reef sharks along the coral reef.

There are no rubbish bins on this cay. Please be sure to take all rubbish with you when you leave.


Upolu Cay and Reef Map

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