Pixie Pinnacle: Unveiling the Hidden Jewel of the Great Barrier Reef

Discovering Pixie Pinnacle

Embark on an adventure to uncover the secrets of Pixie Pinnacle, nestled within the Ribbon Reefs near Cooktown. Join a liveaboard dive excursion from Cairns and immerse yourself in the wonders of this underwater marvel.

A Coral Wonderland

Standing tall at 30 metres, it is adorned with diverse coral formations that paint the underwater landscape with vibrant colours. Explore this natural masterpiece, where every turn reveals a new spectacle of marine life.

Diving into Adventure

As you descend, you will see a flurry of activity as marine creatures go about their daily lives. From playful fish darting among the corals to majestic sea turtles gracefully gliding through the water, the pinnacle is alive with energy and excitement.

Encounters with Marine Life: A Biodiversity Hotspot

This reef is a haven for marine biodiversity, with its crevices and coral-covered surfaces providing shelter for various species. Marvel at the intricate web of life as you encounter everything from tiny crustaceans to magnificent sea turtles.

Capture the Beauty

For underwater photographers, this reef offers endless opportunities to capture the essence of the Great Barrier Reef. With its stunning coral formations and vibrant marine life, every dive is a chance to create breathtaking images that showcase the reef’s natural splendour.

Conservation and Preservation: Protecting Hidden Treasures

While Pixie Pinnacle remains a hidden gem, it is not immune to the Great Barrier Reef’s threats. By supporting marine conservation efforts and practising responsible diving, you can help protect this underwater treasure for future generations.

Inspiration for Future Generations

A source of inspiration, reminding us of the delicate balance of life within the ocean. Share your experiences and advocate for reef conservation to inspire others to take action and ensure the preservation of this natural wonder for years to come.

A Dive into Delight

You’ll carry memories of towering coral formations and vibrant marine life as you resurface from your dive. The underwater journey, encounters with aquatic creatures, and commitment to conservation combine to create a tapestry of delight—a testament to the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

Pixie Pinnacle




Pixie Pinnacle

Q. How can I reach Pixie Pinnacle in North Queensland?

A. Access is via boat from Cairns in North Queensland.  Visitors can choose Spirit of Freedom to access this dive site.  Bookings from both are available on this website.  Clients can contact the team at GreatBarrierReeftours.com for more information.

Q. What can I expect to see when diving at Pixie Pinnacle?

A. Visitors encounter wonderful coral gardens teeming with colourful fish, coral formations, and other marine creatures when exploring. It’s a paradise for scuba divers.

Q. Is Pixie Pinnacle suitable for beginners in diving and snorkelling?

A.  Pixie Pinnacle offers options for experienced divers.  Spirit of Freedom provides tours that are ideal for divers. 

Q. What's the best time to visit Pixie Pinnacle in North Queensland?

A. The best visibility is often during the dry season, typically from May to October.

Q. Are there any conservation efforts to protect Pixie Pinnacle's marine ecosystem?

A. Various conservation initiatives are in place to protect the marine environment around Pixie Pinnacle. Visitors are encouraged to follow responsible Reef exploration practices to minimise their impact on the coral and marine life.

Q. Can I combine a visit to Pixie Pinnacle with other attractions in North Queensland?

A. Absolutely! North Queensland offers a wealth of attractions, including the Great Barrier Reef. You can plan a comprehensive trip with Pixie Pinnacle and other incredible destinations.

Q. Are there accommodation options near Pixie Pinnacle in North Queensland?

A. Accommodation is on the liveaboard dive vessel Spirit of Freedom.

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