Whitsunday Reefs

Whitsunday Islands is a group of 74 islands off the Queensland Coast from Airlie Beach.

This regions famous attractions include Whitehaven Beach and Heart Reef.

Charter boats are popular in this region, and all of them will be looking for the best anchorage for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Most of the islands have fringing reefs. The general rule is the further the reef site is from the mainland, the better the visibility.

Further out from the Islands is where scuba divers and snorkelers will discover the best reefs.

While you are holidaying in the beautiful Whitsundays, there are great options for you to explore the reef.

With most of the colourful coral and marine life only about one metre beneath the surface.

Keep an eye out for Maori wrasse and turtles.

Hardy Reef

Heart Reef

Bait Reef