How to See the Great Barrier Reef: Ways to Suit Everyone

The Great Barrier Reef is a world wonder waiting to be explored, and there are diverse ways to experience its beauty, making it accessible to every type of traveller. Here’s your guide to discovering this natural masterpiece in a way that suits you:

Our page on how to see the Great Barrier Reef will help visitors discover the best of the Great Barrier Reef tours.

1. How to see the Great Barrier Reef by Snorkeling Adventures

Great Barrier Reef snorkeling

  • Who it’s for Snorkelling is perfect for water enthusiasts of all skill levels. It’s an easy way to get up close to the reef’s vibrant marine life.
  • What to expect: Crystal-clear waters, colourful coral gardens, and encounters with fish and other marine creatures. Snorkelling equipment is usually provided on guided tours.

2. Scuba Diving Expeditions

Cairns Scuba diving

  • Who it’s for: Certified divers who want to delve deeper into the reef’s secrets.
  • What to expect: Dive into the world of coral bommies, swim-throughs, and encounters with larger marine species. Guided dives are available for all experience levels.

3. Semi-Submersible Tours

Semi Submarine tour

  • Who is it for Non-swimmers, families with young children, or those who prefer to stay dry.
  • What to expect: Enjoy panoramic views of the reef’s underwater wonders from the comfort of a semi-submersible vessel. An informative guide provides insights during the tour.

4. How to see  the Great Barrieer Reef by Glass-Bottom Boat Cruises

Glass bottom boat

  • Who it’s for: travellers who want a leisurely reef experience with minimal effort.
  • What to expect: Glide over the reef in a glass-bottom boat, marvelling at the vibrant marine life and coral formations below. Ideal for those who prefer not to get wet.

5. How to see the Great Barrier Reef by Helicopter Flights

Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour

  • It’s for adventurous spirits and those seeking breathtaking aerial views.
  • What to expect: Soar above the reef on a thrilling helicopter ride. Witness this natural wonder’s vastness and intricate details from a bird’s-eye perspective.

6. Island Resorts

Haggerstone Island

  • Who it’s for travellers looking for a luxurious stay with reef access.
  • What to expect: Choose from a range of island resorts on the reef, offering accommodations, dining, and a variety of water-based activities right at your doorstep.

7. Research and Conservation Tours

  • Who it’s for Eco-conscious travellers interested in marine conservation.
  • What to expect: Join marine biologists’ research expeditions or eco-tours. Learn about the reef’s ecology and contribute to its preservation.

8. Cruise Ship Escapes

  • Who it’s for: Cruise enthusiasts who want to explore multiple reef destinations.
  • What to expect: Set sail on a cruise ship that stops at various reef locations. Enjoy a mix of relaxation and reef adventures on board.

9. How to see the Great Barrier Reef Island Day Trips

  • Who it’s for: Visitors looking for a day of reef exploration from coastal hubs.
  • What to expect: Take day trips from coastal cities like Cairns and Port Douglas to explore specific reef sites, returning to your base in the evening.

10. DIY Adventures:

  • Who it’s for: Independent travellers seeking flexibility. –
  • What to expect: organise your reef adventure by renting equipment or booking tours directly. Customise your experience based on your preferences.

Remember to choose eco-friendly operators and follow responsible reef practices to ensure this natural wonder remains pristine for generations. Regardless of your travel style, the Great Barrier Reef offers something extraordinary for everyone. Dive in and make memories that will last a lifetime!