Exploring the Depths of Steve’s Bommie: A Dive into Underwater Majesty


Beneath the cerulean waters of the Great Barrier Reef lies a submerged wonder known as Steve’s Bommie.

Steve's Bommie

Venturing into the underwater wonderland of Steve’s Bommie is like stepping into a realm of enchantment and discovery. Named in honour of a local diver, “Steve,” who cherished this site as his secret paradise, Steve’s Bommie offers a treasure trove of marine marvels waiting to be explored.   A plaque can be found here: Steve’s bommie I’m memory Feb 18 1989.

This pinnacle offers divers an opportunity to encounter the beauty and diversity of the reef’s marine life. Join us as we descend into the depths of Steve’s Bommie, uncovering its captivating features and treasures.

Steve’s Bommie location

Situated north of Cairns, Ribbon Reef No. 3 is an awe-inspiring diving location at Ribbon Reef No. 3. This underwater pinnacle ascends from 30 metres to within five metres of the water’s surface. The site lures visitors to gatherings of impressive marine creatures such as bigeye trevally, barracuda, yellow-lined snapper, Moses perch, yellow-lined goatfish, and numerous other fascinating species.

Discovering Steve’s Bommie: A Coral Oasis

Steve’s Bommie is a thriving ecosystem testament to the Great Barrier Reef’s incredible biodiversity. Rising from the sea floor, this underwater pinnacle is adorned with a kaleidoscope of corals in various shapes and colours. It’s a symphony of life where every corner of the bommie is alive with movement and colour.

Diving into the Depths

Descending into the realm of Steve’s Bommie is like entering a realm of enchantment. As you approach the pinnacle, the water comes alive with marine activity. Schools of fish weave through the corals, creating a captivating dance of colours and movement. The pinnacle’s majestic presence is awe-inspiring and humbling, inviting you to explore its mysteries.

Marine Encounters

A Haven for Marine Life

Steve’s Bommie is more than just a coral garden; it’s a haven for various marine species. From the tiniest critters to the larger predators, the bommie’s diverse microhabitats support a thriving ecosystem. Encounter sea turtles gliding gracefully by, reef sharks patrolling their territory, and countless species of fish that call this underwater oasis home.

Photographer’s Paradise

For underwater photographers, Steve’s Bommie offers an abundance of visual inspiration. The play of light on the corals, the intricate details of marine life, and the backdrop of the open ocean create a canvas. Capturing the essence of Steve’s Bommie allows you to share its beauty with the world and inspires a deeper appreciation for marine conservation.

Educational Inspiration

An educational platform for divers to learn about marine ecosystems and conservation. The bommie’s vibrant inhabitants and delicate balance offer insights into the interconnectedness of life in the ocean. By sharing your experiences and advocating for reef preservation, you can inspire others to take action and become guardians of the sea.

A Dance of Life

Steve’s Bommie is a living spectacle that evolves with the ebb and flow of the ocean. Each dive is a unique encounter with the bommie’s inhabitants. It offers a front-row seat to the intricate relationships shaping the reef’s ecosystem. Every aspect of marine life is displayed, from the smallest shrimp seeking shelter to the apex predators.

Nighttime Magic

As the sun sets and the day divers retreat, Steve’s Bommie transforms into a realm of nighttime magic. Night dives at the bommie reveal a different cast of characters—nocturnal creatures that venture out under the cover of darkness. Witness the enchanting sight of corals feeding and bioluminescent plankton lighting up the water, creating an atmosphere that feels like something out of a dream.

Ecological Insights

Exploring Steve’s Bommie is not just an adventure; it’s an opportunity to deepen your understanding of marine ecology. The bommie’s varied habitats showcase how different species coexist and depend on each other for survival. Observing the interactions between fish, corals, and other marine life provides insights into the complexities of the underwater world.

Personal Connection

Steve’s Bommie isn’t just a dive site; it’s a place where personal connections are forged. Divers worldwide come to experience its beauty, share stories, and leave with camaraderie. The bonds formed during dives at the Bommie transcend language and borders, uniting people in their passion for exploration and conservation.

Leaving No Trace Preserving the Wonder

Responsible diving practises are crucial to preserving the wonder of Steve’s Bommie. While it’s tempting to get up close and personal with the marine life, maintaining a respectful distance ensures their well-being and the health of the reef. Avoid touching or collecting anything from the environment, as even the slightest disturbance can have long-lasting effects.

A Legacy of Protection

Steve’s Bommie is more than a diving site; it’s a legacy of protection for future generations. By treating the bommie and its inhabitants with care and respect, you become part of a lineage of divers who have taken a stand for marine conservation. Your actions contribute to the ongoing preservation of this underwater jewel.

Immersed in Majesty

As you surface from your dive at Steve’s Bommie, you’ll carry a piece of its majesty with you. The vibrant coral formations, the interactions with marine life, and the commitment to conservation merge to create an experience that transcends the ordinary. Steve’s Bommie invites us to step into its world, witness its beauty, and become advocates for its protection.

A Tribute to Beauty

As you resurface from your dive, the memories of its vibrant corals and marine life will remain etched in your heart. The underwater adventure, the encounters with marine creatures, and the commitment to conservation come together to create an experience that transcends words. Steve’s Bommie is a tribute to the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, a homage to its splendour, and a reminder of the magic beneath the waves.

FAQs for Steve Bommie on the Great Barrier Reef

Q: What is Steve Bommie on the Great Barrier Reef?

A: Steve Bommie on the Great Barrier Reef is a renowned underwater pinnacle known for its rich marine life and vibrant coral formations.

Q: How can I access Steve Bommie?

A:  You can reach Steve Bommie by joining snorkelling or diving tours offered by reputable operators who visit this iconic site.