Osprey Reef

  • location 13.9167° S latitude, 146.6333° E longitude
  • Access: Liveaboard Boat
  • Depth Range: 2-20 metres
  • Visibility: 30-60 metres
  • Size: approximately 195 square kilometres,  25 kilometres long and 12 kilometres wide.

The Osprey Reef is an oval-shaped reef 100 kilometres northeast of Lizard Island and 346 kilometres from Cairns.

Osprey Reef is an excellent and world-renowned dive site with a kaleidoscope of soft coral trees.

This Reef is 2000 metres high and has an underwater mountain with visibility between 30-60 metres.

Scuba diving

Osprey Reef is the best for advanced scuba divers.  This reef site has many dive sites and is a scuba divers’ delight.

This reef site is known weekly as ‘Wall Heaven’. The outer perimeter drops vertically to 2000 metres, with visibility sometimes exceeding one hundred metres.

Marine Life

Osprey Reef has an abundance of marine life.  Tuna, mackerel, crabs, octopus, morays, and sharks are a submerged playground where the Reef’s most unique marine life is in full play.

This reef site also has tuna, giant barracuda, tiger sharks and schools of hammerhead sharks.

Potato Cod, morays, octopus, shrimps and crabs are also in this Great Barrier Reef location.

Dive Sites

North Horn is the most famous of the reef sites along this Reef.  Other locations include Fairy Grotto, Admiralty, Nautilus, False Entrance and Rapid Horn.

The liveaboard vessels Spoilsport and Spirit of Freedom visit this site.