Great Barrier Reef Overnight tours and Liveaboards

Liveaboards are a popular choice for more avid divers that want to maximise their time in the water and see a variety of dive sites, however, they are also a great option for new divers wishing to gain more experience or do an open scuba diving course.

If you would like all the usual holiday luxuries whilst staying out on the reef then you should consider the larger boat operators as they are like floating hotels with large plush rooms, comfy beds, en-suite bathrooms and gourmet chef-prepared meals, whilst other smaller boats can only offer bunks, shared bathrooms and basic meals.

Liveaboards offer a range of different courses so you are able to expand your skills whilst you are out there. Perhaps you would like to get that next certification; Advanced or Rescue scuba diver or maybe try your fins at Enriched air Nitrox.

There’s always room for progression and you can explore those options onboard or book the course in advance, liveaboards are generally very flexible.

Most tour operators, like their day tour counterparts, will have an onboard photographer’s or offer rental cameras but it is always a good idea to check ahead. After all, you don’t want to get out there and be camera-less!


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