Haggerstone Island, Shelburne Queensland 4874

Latitude / Longitude : 12° 2′ 23″ S / 143° 17′ 59″ E

Haggerstone Island is In the far north extremities of the Great Barrier Reef, a tropical wilderness sitting on a bed of unique coral gardens.  Haggerstone Island is a 42-hectare island with lush rainforest, pristine white sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue lagoons.

Where is Haggerstone Island?

Haggerstone Island is near the Cape York Peninsula within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 600 km north of Cairns.

How to get to Haggerstone Island?

Start your trip to Haggerstone Island from Cairns Airport.  From there, charter a flight to Hicks Island.  The dirt runway is 718 metres long and 21 metres wide.

This flight is via a small six-seater twin-engine aircraft followed by a 20-minute boat ride—all up to a travel time of two and half hours from Cairns.

Hicks Island is about 1 kilometres southeast of Cape Grenville on the Northeastern coast of Queensland.

Then from Hicks Island,  guests are transferred by boat to Haggerstone Island.

What to pack?

Guests are limited to 15 kilograms of luggage on the small charter flights into Hicks Island.  Guests should pack soft stowable bags.  The weather is tropical light clothing, not much more than swimwear, hat and sarongs.

This Island’s rugged beauty contrasts with the idyllic location of the remote Island and its teeming sea life and avian population.

A private island

Gardens, orchards and dams surround this eclectic tropical timber accommodation.

Snorkelling and fishing will help pass the day; further afield, you can also explore shipwrecks.


Haggerstone Islands cuisine

Delicious seafood from the pristine Great Barrier Reef and tropical fruits and vegetables are grown in the Island’s orchard.

Haggerstone Island Resort

Haggerstone Island has four different accommodation types designed for the ultimate wilderness getaway.

Haus Mawu

A three-bedroom villa luxurious accommodation.  This self-contained has a hillside location overlooking the big lagoon and North-East beach.

Lagoon Hut

Haggerstone Island

This hut is a handcrafted pole hut with an open plan.  The location of this hut is only a few metres from the big lagoon.

Kwilla Hut

Haggerstone Island

Over the Island’s long beach sits five beachfront villas offering absolute privacy and stunning ocean views.

Beach Hut

Haggerstone Island


Ideally, the beach hut with an open shower and bathroom is located on the beach, further away from the main complex.

Take your pick of accommodation or book the whole Island.


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