Green Island is just 45 minutes from Cairns. 

Home of the world’s first glass-bottom boat and underwater observatory, Green Island near Cairns is a locally loved tropical playground.

One of the few coral cays on the Great Barrier Reef covered in rainforest, visitors can take an easy half, full day or more extended visit to experience two world wonders in one destination.

Discover options for resort stays, rainforest walks and aquatic activities, including a walk on the seafloor.


Take advantage of the free snorkelling equipment provided by the diving shop and head down to the reefs just off the shore.  Visitors can enjoy snorkelling from the beach and explore fringing reefs and marine life.  Green Island’s waters are home to sea turtles swimming in the seagrass and reefs.

Boat Snorkeling Trip

Take a short boat ride to one of the top snorkelling places around 1.5km offshore from Green Island for more adventure snorkelling to see much more of the reef and marine life richness.  These coral gardens have a wider variety of colourful marine life.  A qualified lifeguard will oversee you and lead you to the most excellent parts of the park.

Beach Activities

Equipment and training are available for rent from the Beach Hire Hut to let you explore or relax on the island.  For house visitors, most non-motorized equipment is available to use for free.


Green Island has hosted the Australian Windsurfing Championships  Island, which is well-known for its excellent windsurfing conditions.  There is free access to the equipment you will need to get around the island using just the power of the wind for house guests—lessons for beginners and those who need a refresher.  There’s no restriction on professionals bringing their gear.

Canoes and Kayaks

The Beach Hire Hut also offers gratis use of canoes and kayaks if that’s more your style.  Spend as much time as you like exploring the island at your own pace and taking in the tranquilly.

Umbrellas and sun loungers

If all you want to kick back and relax, that’s fine!  Umbrellas and sun lounges are provided free of charge to inn guests.  Lie on the beach and daydream your cares away.


At Green Island, sea walking is quick and straightforward, requiring no special training or equipment.  No experience is needed, and because you WALK on the smooth, clean sand of the sea floor, it’s perfect for non-swimmers or anyone else who might not be confident in the water!



It’s simple, as there are no new skills to pick up, no swimming required, and no need to fiddle with equipment.   Non-swimmers and those who aren’t confident in the water will have a great time because our guides are always in the water with you.  Simple to use, no water on your face (so you can keep your glasses or contacts on), your makeup remains put, and your hair stays dry, making it a low-stress experience.  There are no artificial pontoons here; instead, travellers walk on the sea bottom and are surrounded by brightly coloured fish and coral.

Island Walks

You may explore every section of the island on foot, thanks to beautiful walking paths and diverse beach surroundings.  The 45-minute stroll (at a leisurely pace) will take you around the Great Barrier Reef’s sole rainforest-covered coral cay.  There is plenty to see on the island, home to 120 varieties of plant life and a diverse assortment of birds.

Rainforest Walks

Pick up a Self-Guided Eco Walk pamphlet at the Information Center (or download one here) and take your time exploring the island.

Alternatively, join our resident Activities Officer for a relaxing stroll along the boardwalk at 15:00.  You’ll learn about the island’s history and the various flora and fauna you’ll encounter along the route.  There is always so much to talk about during guided walks that no two are ever the same.


Stay on Green Island to experience a Green Island night walk.