Fitzroy Island, North Queensland Australia

  • Location  Latitude  -16.932854° N,  Longitude 145.99396° E
  • Area 3.39 kilometres square.
  • The highest elevation is 375 metres.
  • Postcode: 4871

Fitzroy Island is 29 kilometres northeast of the Queensland coast of Cairns.

Lieutenant James Cook named Fitzroy Island in 1770 after Augustus Henry Fitzroy, the Earl of Euston.

Fitzroy Island has rainforest walking tracks, and coral beaches feature this relaxed, family-friendly destination near Cairns and encourage fun activities for all ages. Its steep mountain peak encourages exploring, and clear turquoise waters are ideal for snorkelling, swimming and kayaking.

Nudey Beach Fitzroy Island

Along with the southwest shorts of Fitzroy Island is the stunning Nudey Beach.    Stunning aqua waters and large boulders with shallow fringing reefs are why Nudey Beach won Queensland’s best beach.

Fitzroy Island Weather

Fitzroy Island enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 24 to 31 C in summer and 19 -25 C in winter.

Walking Tracks

Four hikes range in length from 45 minutes to three hours.

Secret Garden

  • Grade: Moderate
  • Distance: returning 700 metres
  • Time: Allocate 25 minutes for walking

Details: A short stroll around massive granite boulders and through shaded rainforest follows the creek line from the resort’s western side. The mysteries of the creatures and plants of the rainforest via several placards and a viewing platform overlooking a seasonal creek.

Nudey Beach Walk

  • Grade: Moderate
  • Return distance: 1.2 kilometres
  • Time: Allocate 45 minutes for walking

Information: From the western edge of the resort, take this stroll through the coastal forest and rainforest to reach a gorgeous beach. Some places have steep stone steps and stones, but the track is mostly bitumen. These could be challenging for some walkers to cross.

Lighthouse Walk

  • Grade: difficult
  • Return distance: 3.6 kilometres
  • Time: Allocate 2 hours for walking

Details: From the northeast corner of the camping area, a very steep service road (concrete wheel tracks) climbs through the forest to the lighthouse.

On a clear day, a lookout on the island’s windswept north side provides views of Green Island.

This strenuous hike is well worth it because the lighthouse offers breathtaking views of the ocean and, during the winter, the odd migratory humpback whale. Walkers can use the Summit track to return or take the original route.

Peak Walk

  • Grade: difficult
  • Return distance of 4 kilometres (including a section of the Lighthouse Walk
  • Time: allow 3 hours for walking

Information: After travelling the Lighthouse Road for 1.2 kilometres, turn right to reach the Summit Track trailhead.

The 600-metre ascent through the forest on the boulder-strewn track leads to the peak. Granite slabs and windswept casuarina trees frame magnificent views of the island, neighbouring reefs, and the mainland at the summit (269m).

With stunning views of the island and the mainland, the track descends for 2.2 kilometres through woods and open heathland.

The campground is close to the track. Only fit and healthy walkers should attempt the steep, uneven, and step-heavy trail. It is walkable in both directions.


Fitzroy Island Resort

Visitors looking to stay on Fitzroy Island can stay at the 100-room resort or a camping area on the island.